Social Security

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Annual mailings of the Request a Social Security Statement have suspended. You may be able to estimate your retirement benefit using our online Retirement Estimator at

General Information
If you are currently receiving monthly benefits from a federal or state agency in the United States (Social Security, Veterans Administration, etc.) you should contact the U.S. Consulate to advise us of your residence abroad and to inquire about the procedures for having your benefit checks sent overseas. It may also be possible to make arrangements with your U.S. bank to have your benefit check directly deposited into your U.S. bank account, or to a Butterfield Bank account if you are a resident in Bermuda.

Service Hours
If you are currently receiving monthly benefits from a federal agency (Social Security, Department of Veteran Affairs, etc.) and need assistance, please contact the Consulate Federal Benefits office at: (441) 295-1342 ext. 222. Please have your claim number handy.

Please note that the consulate is closed on all American and Bermudian holidays.

Services Provided
The Federal Benefits Unit provides assistance with Social Security, Civil Service and Department of Veterans’ Affairs benefits, to include the following:

  • Social Security numbers;
  • Filing Social Security claims for retirement, survivors and disability benefits;
  • Filing Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims for compensation, pension, education, survivor and burial benefits;
  • Assisting beneficiaries of pensions from the Office of Personnel Management, and the Railroad Retirement Board;
  • Beneficiary status change transaction, i.e., notice of changes of address, non-receipt of payment, etc.;
  • Medicare enrollments and cancellations;
  • Appointment of representative payees for incapable beneficiaries;
  • Assistance in obtaining birth, marriage, divorce and death

How to apply:

    1. Complete the application Form SS-5-FS (PDF -124MB). If you are residing in Bermuda, you should return the completed form to the Federal Benefits Unit at the consulate. Be sure that you have signed the application exactly as your passport is signed.
    2. First-time applicants must present:
      *an original birth certificate;
      *if born outside of the U.S. to a U.S. citizen(s) also submit the *consular report of birth abroad;
      *A valid U.S. passport or green card.
    3. All first-time applicants must appear in person at the consulate. First time applicants over the age of 12 must be interviewed and must present evidence of their entire period of residence abroad upon application i.e. school records, work records, etc.
    4. Replacement Social Security card applications require the same documentation as a first-time application.
    5. Provide an original marriage certificate, divorce decree or name change certificate for name changes.
    6. Fee: There is no fee for applying for a Social Security card.
    7. Once you have gathered your documents together you may book an appointment on-line. Please select “Request notarial and other services not listed above.”

Cards should be received from the Social Security Administration in Baltimore anytime from 2-6 months of completing the application process and mailed directly to your residence.

U.S. citizens registering a child: Applications for Social Security numbers for a child being registered as a U.S. citizen is incorporated into the Consular Report of Birth Abroad application, provided that child has not attained his or her fifth (5th) birthday. If a card is not received within three months, contact the Federal Benefits Unit. The parent signing the application must also provide identification such as his or her  passport or green card.

Attending school in the U.S.: Aliens not otherwise entitled to a Social Security number who plan on attending school in the United States may be asked for a Social Security number by the school. This is for record-keeping purposes and is not authorized by federal law. The school should be asked to assign its own internal number.

Non-resident aliens: Non-resident aliens requiring a Social Security number for purposes of filing a U.S. tax return must file a Form W-7 Application for an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) with the Internal Revenue Service. To apply for a ITIN, you will be required to provide the IRS with a certified copy of your passport. The Consulate can provide this notarial service for you during our American Citizen Service hours. Additionally, the IRS will ask you to provide evidence that you have a specific need for a ITIN number (e.g. letter from bank etc.).

Conducting business with a financial institution: If a Social Security number is required to conduct business with a U.S. bank or financial institution and federal law does not otherwise allow the issuance of a number, ask the Internal Revenue Service for a Form W-8 or W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status. For more information regarding Social Security cards please visit or