• Routine renewal of a ten-year (10-year) adult passport is $130.00 (DS-82).
  • Routine renewal of a five-year (5-year) minor passport under age 16 is $135.00 (DS-11).
  • Routine renewal of a five-year (5-year) passport for an applicant now age 16 and over is $165.00 (DS-11)
  • Lost, stolen or mutilated passport replacement is $165.00 for adults and $135.00 for minors (DS-11).
  • First-time adult passport is $165.00 (DS-11).
  • First-time minor passport is $135.00 (DS-11).

All passport fees are payable in:

  1. Either Bermuda or U.S. dollars or a combination of both currencies.
  2. Credit card payments are accepted; the credit card holder must be present.  The consulate accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club. We do not accept the Bermuda Card.

Please note: the consulate is not authorized to accept personal or business checks.