Internal Revenue Service (U.S. Taxes)

IRS guidance is posted under Federal Benefits and Obligations Abroad on

The Consulate does not provide direct preparation of tax returns or tax advice and can only assist with general questions.

Need someone to prepare your tax return?  The IRS maintains a directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications located across the world, including Bermuda.

You also have the option of contacting the IRS’s overseas taxpayer assistance help line on 1-267-941-1000.  Hours of operation are from 6am – 11pm Eastern Standard Time.

There are no tax forms available at the Consulate.  Most forms can be downloaded from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website.  Also, the Consulate does not have state tax forms, but they can be downloaded from state websites.

If you require additional forms or information please visit the IRS website and view U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad.

Please follow this link for the Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad. 

Click on the following link for information on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

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