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U.S. – Bermuda Relations

The United States continues to value its longstanding partnership with Bermuda.  The island’s proximity to the United States contributes to the cultural connections and successful relationships that can be seen throughout many different sectors including international business, maritime security, crisis response, space exploration, environmental research, athletics, arts, and education.  The U.S.-Bermuda relationship is grounded in our common history, values and culture.

Recognized as an important global offshore hub and low-tax financial center, Bermuda has well-regarded regulatory and legal systems.  International business and tourism are the main economic drivers to the local economy, which includes a high level of support from the United States, especially through the re/insurance industry and high volume of American visitors each year.  The United States is Bermuda’s largest source of imports, providing over 80% of imported goods.  The Consulate engages with leaders from U.S. companies and trade associations, promotes new commercial connections, helps connect U.S. businesses with resources and information to support those seeking to establish a presence in Bermuda, and supports U.S. business involvement in emerging industries.

Cooperation and integration among partners is critical to confronting transnational challenges, and the United States deeply values its longstanding security relationship with Bermuda and the United Kingdom.  Security partnerships include collaboration between the U.S. Coast Guard and Bermuda Government to combat Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing – in close collaboration with local law enforcement agencies.

Bermudians enjoy a unique benefit in the special visa exemption for travel to the United States. Citizens of Bermuda do not require a non-immigrant visa for most short-term travel, including study in the United States. Anyone who is ineligible for a visa under U.S. immigration law or who has previously violated the terms of their stay in the United States is not eligible for this benefit however, they may apply for a waiver.

The Consulate prioritizes providing services for U.S. citizens. With approximately 8,000 American citizens residing in Bermuda and an average of 625,000 American visitors each year, the Consulate issues travel advisories and passports, and handles birth registrations and other family matters.