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Traveling in Bermuda

Leisure Information

Bermuda is humid year-round, which makes summer hot and sticky and winter cool enough that you will want to bring a few sweaters and a light jacket.  Although the island is a major tourist destination, bathing suits are only acceptable attire at the beach or pool.

Bermuda has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including those with the famous pink sand.  Locals generally swim in the ocean between Bermuda Day (May 24) and Labor Day (early September).  Visitors swim year round.  Water depth, current, and undertow vary at different locations.  During the months of May through October, lifeguards are stationed at Horseshoe Bay, John Smith’s Bay, Clearwater Beach and Turtle Bay daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Care needs to be taken whenever playing near or swimming in the sea. At certain times of the year, jellyfish are found in the waters around Bermuda.  They can cause a painful sting.  Keep some meat tenderizer or ammonia in your beach kit to put on any injured areas.  For severe cases, see your doctor or go to the hospital for observation and care. Please do not go swimming alone, and always watch children very carefully.

Internet Access
Internet connectivity is dependable and common all over the island. The island has a few cafes and shops that offer Internet access at a per-minute rate, and the Hamilton library also has Internet available.

Marriage Celebrations in Bermuda
American diplomatic officers do not have legal authority to perform marriages. United States citizens contemplating marriage in Bermuda should contact the Registrar General’s Office at 441-297-7709. Please got to Marriage Abroad of U.S. citizens.

Beach and water sports, golf and tennis are the major recreational activities in Bermuda.  Many residents swim, boat, kayak, fish, snorkel, scuba dive, and/or play golf, tennis and squash.  Necessary equipment for your sport of choice, such as golf clubs or snorkel masks and fins, will be available locally.  There are a number of fitness centers on the island, offering a range of equipment and classes at a range of daily, monthly and annual fees.

Religious Community
Religious congregations abound in Bermuda, and participation in the island’s religious communities is both cherished and encouraged. Services are listed in the Friday and Saturday newspapers. While the majority of the religious congregations in Bermuda are Christian, there is also a Muslim mosque and a Baha’i spiritual assembly. There is no synagogue on the island, but there is a Jewish community that meets regularly.

There is a wide range of restaurants available from casual to formal, offering a wide variety of choices from ethnic to international, but be forewarned that dining out in Bermuda can be expensive. For a listing of some of the restaurants in Bermuda please go to: Bermuda dining. Please note: A 15-17% service charge is included in the bill at most of the island’s restaurants.  When not included automatically, 15% should be added for most services.

Bermuda has a wide variety of stores where you can find almost any item you require. Many of these shops  can be found in Hamilton and  are open from Monday to Saturday with operating hours from 9 am-5 pm. There are very few shops open on Sundays with the exception of some grocery stores, which are open 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.