Boost for students wanting to study in US

Bermuda College students considering study in the United States now have access to a US educational advisory programme, courtesy of the US Consulate General.

A reference centre operated by EducationUSA and opened yesterday will allow Bermuda College students to learn about higher education in the US at the College’s counselling and career centre.

Supported by the US State Department, EducationUSA gives international students comprehensive up-to-date information on how to apply to colleges and universities in the US. It is also tasked with promoting the recruitment of overseas students to American institutes of higher education.

As well as offering free internet access for US college searches, the centre will be stocked with reference books to guide students through their applications, and give details on financial aid.

Bermuda College president Duranda Greene said the partnership would augment resources available to students.

These included information on immigration requirements, access to scholarships, as well as funding and university transfers.

“We also anticipate that our services to the community in general in such areas will be enhanced, and that as an EducationUSA Reference Centre, Bermuda College will be able to continue to offer accurate, comprehensive, and timely information about colleges and universities in the US, and guidance on how best to access those opportunities, including funding for international students.”

Bob Settje, the US Consul General, called it “a hugely important step for Bermuda’s students and their parents”.

“As the US Consul General, I am partial to my own country, of course, but I think I can state without fear of contradiction that while there are many fine universities around the world, the United States is unsurpassed in terms of quality, variety of study, and — despite what many believe — affordability. For Bermudians especially, there are the added benefits of proximity and visa-free access.”

The new centre will allow students and their families to make the best choice for their post-secondary options, Mr Settje added.