Consulate Night at the Library – Pariah

The U.S. Consulate General and the Adult Library will showcase another film as part of the Bermuda National Library’s regular Consulate Night at the Library series.  Coming to the Library at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1 7 will be “Pariah,” a very powerful film that addresses the struggles of a young woman to be accepted as a lesbian.

“Pariah” is about 17-year-old Alike, who lives with her parents and younger sister in Brooklyn. She is quietly embracing her identity as a lesbian, but whenever Alike’s development becomes a topic of discussion at home, her parents’ already strained marriage approaches the breaking point.  Wondering how much she can confide in her family, Alike strives to get through adolescence with grace, humor, and tenacity.

Deputy Consul General Linda Rosalik commented, “The Consulate strives to screen films that address topical, and sometimes tough, issues.  ‘Pariah’ is one such movie.  As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted, ‘No one has ever abandoned a belief because he was forced to do so…reaching understanding of these issues takes… a constellation of conversations in places big and small…it takes a willingness to see differences in belief as a reason to begin the conversation, not avoid it.’  We look forward to continuing the conversation on gay rights in Bermuda at the conclusion of the film, when representatives of the Human Rights Commission will join in the discussion.”

Because of space limitations, only the first 70 people arriving at the library will be admitted.  The film runs for 87 minutes.  The film is rated R for sexual content and language.