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Mission Statement

The mission of the U.S. Consulate is to strengthen the United States’ traditional alliance with Bermuda, which dates back over 400 years.  Key elements of our mission are to:

  • Seek the security and prosperity of the American people.  The Consulate works with Bermuda to deter transnational threats to U.S. and international security — such as terrorism, international crime, and drug trafficking.
  • Represent the U.S. and strive to further U.S. goals by engagement with political, economic, and cultural leaders and through local outreach.
  • Promote greater understanding and a dialogue between the Bermudian people in all walks of life and Americans.
  • Serve visiting and resident Americans.
  • Assist Bermudians and foreign nationals who wish to visit the U.S.  We balance this with the need to strengthen homeland security through appropriate visa adjudication and the preclearance of visitors to the U.S.
  • Support U.S. exports to Bermuda.