U.S. Consulate General Hamilton

Key Objectives
U.S. foreign policy seeks the security and prosperity of the American people.  We have a multi-pronged approach to achieving this goal, a key element of which is deepening relationships with our closest allies, including Bermuda.  U.S. Government interests here include protecting American citizens who live, work and visit on the island. In addition, the U.S. Government places a strong emphasis on working with the Government of Bermuda to eliminate money laundering and other illegal financial dealings; providing information and assistance in the fight to eradicate the trafficking, sale and use of illegal narcotics; and encouraging expanded economic ties with the U.S., including an increase in U.S. exports.

The Consulate General
The American Consulate General in Hamilton plays an integral role in Bermuda’s political, social and cultural communities.  The main office is located at “Crown Hill,” a historic property, just outside the city of Hamilton, that is owned by the US Government.  Approximately 40 employees, including the Consul General, Deputy Principal Officer, Consul, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port Director and officers are assigned to the Consulate General.

Administrative Affairs
The Consulate General provides housing, customs and shipping, maintenance, and many other administrative services to all U.S. Government agencies in Bermuda.