CG Remarks Launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week, hosted by Bermuda Economic Development Corporation

Congratulations to everyone involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 – which in Bermuda is really Entrepreneurship Month.   The range of events and the breadth of sponsorship is impressive – and really speaks to the vibe that Bermuda is actively generating.   The U.S. Consulate is pleased to be part of this effort. I especially want to recognize the participants and winners

240th Anniversary Of The Gunpowder Plot

Thank you, Ms. Jackson.  And thank you to Mr. Elston especially who has done so much to bring history to life by making this weekend of events happen. I’d also like to welcome all our visitors from DAR, SAR, and CAR. I hope that you enjoy your stay here on this beautiful island and return to the United States with

Opening of Helix Genetic and Scientific Solutions

Good morning, and thank you, Dr. Spriggs, for inviting me to be here today for the opening of HELIX laboratory. I am especially gratified to be included in this gathering because HELIX will be partnering with two American firms as it works towards accreditation: the STRAND Diagnostics Lab in Indianapolis and the RJ Lee Group Laboratory in Pittsburgh. STRAND will

International Jazz Day

Jazz is one of America’s greatest musical contributions to the world. It reveals much about our rich cultural heritage. Jazz is a universal, living art form that can bring people and cultures together. It has always stood for freedom and democracy, particularly for the disenfranchised, and its influence can be found in every corner of the globe. Jazz continues to

Bermuda College Becomes EducationUSA Advising Center

REMARKS OF ACTING CONSUL GENERAL LINDA ROSALIK AT THE SIGNING OF THE MOUT TO MAKE BERMUDA COLLEGE AN EDUCATIONUSA ADVISING CENTER March 30, 2015 Thank you, Dr. Greene. Today is a momentous day, because it represents collaboration between the U.S. Consulate and Bermuda College on behalf of Bermuda’s children, on behalf of their futures. The Memorandum of Understanding that Dr.

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