The Great American Experiment, July 4, 2016

As the United States celebrates its 240th Independence Day today, people around the world are curious about what is happening within American politics during this unusually volatile election year. This is especially true here in Bermuda because of the many close ties that exist between this nation and the US. I have been amazed at how closely Bermudians follow the

Perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving

The star of the show at the home of US Consul General Mary Ellen Koenig every Thanksgiving? The pumpkin pie. For more than 30 years, she’s made it using a recipe she found in the St Louis Post-Dispatch, where her husband Robert worked as a journalist. “The newspaper had a great food page every Thursday and one day I saw

Oceans Conference

On the afternoon we arrived in Bermuda one month ago, my husband and I peered eagerly out the aircraft’s window to catch sight of the entirety of Bermuda as we flew in over the beautiful turquoise waters.  We had never before lived on an island and, studying maps in anticipation, we were struck by Bermuda’s isolation in the vast waters

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