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Message from the Consul General

The U.S.-Bermuda diplomatic relationship is a positive one of long standing.  In the 17th century, Bermuda shipped provisions to the struggling colonial settlement of Virginia, which was desperately in need of sustenance.  By the end of Bermuda’s first decade, the islanders had become dependent on trade with their thriving Virginia neighbors.  Today, the United States continues to be Bermuda’s primary trading partner, accounting for over 80% of Bermuda’s imports. The trade relationship is so well established that most Bermudian businesses and wholesalers have long-term affiliations with U.S. suppliers.

The Consulate aims to support U.S. commercial interests in Bermuda. In addition to responding to specific questions from U.S. companies interested in doing business in Bermuda, the Consulate prepares two reports which are available online, the Investment Climate Report and the Country Commercial Guide, which are intended to help American businessmen who wish to export goods to Bermuda or otherwise do business on the island.

Other sections of our website that you might find useful include: exporting to Bermuda, doing business in the United States, economic data and reports, key business links, frequently asked questions, commercial opportunities, and upcoming events.  If you still have questions, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Grissette
U.S. Consul General to Bermuda

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