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Bermuda Websites

The following is a list of commonly-used Bermuda links.  The U.S. Consulate General – Hamilton, Bermuda is not responsible for the material found in these websites.  For more information regarding this matter please view our privacy section.

Bermuda.com – general information about Bermuda, activities, attractions, accommodation etc.

Bermuda Address Finder – help for users to locate addresses throughout Bermuda.

Bermuda Airport – information about the Bermuda International Airport, including flight information and weather.

Bermuda Business Development Agency – the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) encourages foreign direct investment and helps companies set up operations in Bermuda.

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce – information about Bermuda Chamber of Commerce membership and organization, general Chamber news, upcoming events and services for visitors.

The Government of Bermuda – the official website for the Government of Bermuda providing information on government ministries and non-ministries.

Bermuda Laws Online – a database of Bermuda law.

Bermuda Monetary Authority – information about the supervision and regulation of the financial services industry in Bermuda and other related matters.

Bermuda On-line – general information website on Bermuda.

The official Bermuda tourism website – visiting Bermuda: what to do, where to stay, where to eat, getting married in Bermuda and honeymooning, etc.

Bermuda Weather – up-to-date weather information for Bermuda.

Country Information for Bermuda on Travel.State.gov