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Banking and Currency

Bermuda does not have any American banks; however, the Bermuda dollar and the U.S. dollar are used interchangeably on the island.  Local ATMs accept most major U.S. ATM cards, and credit and debit cards are widely accepted by retail, restaurant and service firms. There is one global bank, HSBC Bank of Bermuda, one regional bank, Butterfield Bank and one local bank, Clarien Bank. These banks should be able to assist you with any banking queries you may have. Please visit their websites at:

Bermuda currency began with Hogge money, so named because of the island’s wild hogs, descended from pigs abandoned to swim ashore by Spanish and Portuguese ships in the 16th century.  Bermuda’s penny still featured a pig, and is known as a Hog(ge) penny. One Bermuda dollar equals one U.S. dollar.  American money can be used interchangeably at shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and across the board island-wide (although you will usually be given change in Bermuda dollars).